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6 September 2003

Mr Henry goes to Jerusalem

If there's anything to that "governing best = governing least" stuff, Governor Henry may already be on his way into the history books. Cam Edwards has already twitted the Guv for his extensive vacation schedule, and now the OkiePundit has uncovered yet another bowlful of junket:

According to sources in the Jewish Federation of Oklahoma Governor Henry will be slipping out of the state on Sunday for an all-expenses paid (by Israel and the Federation) 8-day trip to Israel. They do this for every governor. It's a perfect opportunity for Israel to sell their story to American political leaders like Henry. You can bet Governor Henry won't be hearing the "Palestinian viewpoint" while in Israel.

Actually, one can hear the Palestinian viewpoint pretty well while in Oklahoma City. Basically, if you've seen one suicide bomber (and if you've watched the news for more than twenty minutes this year, you have), you've seen them all, and with them you've seen the Palestinian viewpoint in its entirety: anything else they may say is just window-dressing, and not good window-dressing at that.

Not that you should expect any other reaction from someone who was physically rattled by the Oklahoma City bombing, and who was utterly disgusted by the spectacle of Palestinians cheering in the streets after 9/11.

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And I really, really wanted to like Bradley . . .
What a plonker.

Posted by: unixdude at 10:28 PM on 6 September 2003

To say that once you've seen one Palistinian suicide bomber on TV you've seen the Palistinian viewpoint is as wrong as saying once you've seen one Israeli bulldozer flatten the home of the extended family of the criminal bomber you've seen the Israeli viewpoint. Both sides are doing heinous and stupid things to each other. We may see the death on TV but most Americans have the shallowest of understanding about what the root causes are.

Posted by: Bert Bartle at 11:22 PM on 6 September 2003

The "root cause", as you call it, is simple.

Israel carved a nation out of a land that no one had particularly wanted up to that point, and defends itself.

There is but one cause for Muslims in that part of the world: the destruction of Israel and, to the extent that the US is seen as a partner to Israel, the destruction of the US.

The very idea of negotiating with people who want you dead is more than just indefensible: it's insane.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:06 AM on 7 September 2003

There is NO moral equivalence between clearing people out of a building and then bulldozing it flat, and deliberately blowing up a bus full of people.

I have no patience with people who can argue that there is.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:45 AM on 7 September 2003

Don't neglect the Islam factor:

Power Trips
A Call To Arms
Riflemen And Bombers

I hope you appreciate how economical I've been with your bandwidth, Charles! (tee hee)

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 10:50 AM on 7 September 2003

You have no future as a troll, FWP. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:12 AM on 7 September 2003

Damn! And I had such a promising career mapped out, too!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 1:32 PM on 7 September 2003

It's like the call I had a few weeks ago.

Caller: We'll never see an end to the war on terrorism until we solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Me: You're right. How do you stop the Palestinians from blowing up buses?

Caller: (indignant) First you tell the Israelis to quit killing civilians!

People who refuse to get that there's a difference between accidentally killing civilans and intentionally targeting them fail to grasp the situation in the Middle East. But then again, we already knew that.

Posted by: Cam at 10:06 PM on 7 September 2003