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6 September 2003

Rare and well-done

Rod Dreher at NRO's The Corner picked up on this letter to the editors of Crisis magazine by George W. Rutler, a clergyman from New York City. It's a gem from start to finish, and it provides, um, food for thought:

Taste is one thing; it is another thing to condemn meat eating as "evil" and permissible only "in rare and unfortunate circumstances." [Danel] Paden disagrees with no less an authority than God, Who forbids us to call any edible unworthy (Mark 7: 18-19), and Who enjoins St Peter to eat pork chops and lobster in one of my favorite revelations (Acts 10: 9-16). Does the Catholic Vegetarian Society [of which Paden is the director] think that our Lord was wrong to have served up fish to the 5,000, or should He have refrained from eating the Passover Lamb? When He rose from the dead and appeared in the Upper Room, He did not ask for a bowl of Cheerios, nor did He whip up a meatless omelette on the shore of Galilee.

Man was made to eat flesh (Genesis 1:26-31; 9:1-6), with the exception of human flesh. I stand on record against cannibalism, whether it be inflicted upon the Mbuti Pygmies by the Congolese Army or on larger people by a maniac in Milwaukee. But I am also grateful that the benevolent father in the parable did not welcome his prodigal son home with a bowl of radishes.

For the moment, I am enjoying a visual of PETA's sainted Ingrid Newkirk slow-roasting at 300 degrees for eternity, her own sanctimony for marinade with just a dash of Lea & Perrins.

(Muchas gracias: The American Way!?)

Posted at 10:24 AM to Immaterial Witness , Worth a Fork

Some wacko wrote a letter to the editor of the hometown paper here, criticizing Christians because eating meat violates "Thou shalt not kill."

I wrote a rebuttal, but remembered the loaves and fishes only after I'd sent it off.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:14 PM on 6 September 2003

Did you ask about the wacko's position on abortion?

Posted by: CGHill at 2:40 PM on 6 September 2003

Actually, she included abortion along with war and eating meat as violating the Commandment.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:45 PM on 6 September 2003

Well, give her credit for some sort of consistency, though I have to wonder what she thinks of calling Orkin when she finds termites under the wainscotting.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:44 PM on 6 September 2003