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30 August 2003

Feast or famine

It's almost as though someone looked over the climatology reports and said, "Holy desiccation, Batman, we're way down on our rainfall this year!"

Not to worry, old chum; Mother Nature will catch up. And, this being Oklahoma, she'll try to catch up in the briefest period of time possible.

Making up that nine-inch deficit will be difficult, but the clouds managed to cough up an inch and a third before sunrise (not that there's any sun or anything), and this pattern isn't supposed to break for at least 24 to 36 hours, so a few suburban lawns may yet be saved. In the process, a couple of rivers will likely sneak out of their banks, but that's not exactly surprising either; almost the entire state is under a flood watch, and some flooding is already being reported southwest of Tulsa.

And at least the seemingly-endless stretch of 100-degree days (plus or minus three) has ground to a halt, which I reckon is a Good Thing even if I did leave my umbrella out in the car.

Posted at 8:24 AM to Weather or Not

Here in Indiana we've had a milder than usual summer. We never had the 100 degree-100 percent days like we usually do in the Ohio Valley. I guess all that heat must have went to Europe. Good for them...

Posted by: Dave at 8:55 AM on 30 August 2003

I spent a night in Terre Haute in '01. Jeebus, but it was steamy. And there was just enough of a sprinkle the next morning to rearrange the dirt on the windshield into semi-regular patterns. This year's pass through Indiana was nothing like that, though I admit to becoming slightly hot under the collar trying to negotiate I-465.

And if it can be proven that all that heat did in fact go to Europe, we probably should taunt them for their failure to live up to the greenhouse-gas standard they're trying to inflict on everyone else.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:12 PM on 30 August 2003