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27 August 2003

The fare for balancing

Al Franken, interviewed by

I think liberals by nature look for information and conservatives look for ammunition.

Al's evidently never seen Indymedia.

Posted at 9:01 AM to Political Science Fiction

I'd say Franken's never read his own writing.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:08 AM on 27 August 2003

Franken comes as close to total cranial vacuity as is possible in an atmosphere and gravity well such as ours. His allegations are never well founded. His insults aren't even original. To get recognition, he has to link his screeds to the names of conservatives infinitely better known than he. If Bill O'Reilly hadn't made the mistake of counterattacking him, he'd probably have dropped off the national radar screens by now.

Or, somewhat more concisely: Al who?

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:11 PM on 27 August 2003

I have to toss in here the fact that I had no clue Al Franken even existed until I saw his book on a store shelf -- and I only noticed it because of the title.

Maybe if Saturday Night Live had been FUNNY when he was on, I---

Oh. Wait a minute. Logical impossibility.

Dang, I actually caused a "divide by zero" error. What a buzz.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:39 PM on 27 August 2003