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14 August 2003

Sacramento whine

The Golden State's list of gubernatorial wannabes carries, at most, one surprise, and it was no surprise to me:

Gallagher's first name.

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Is it just me or is he starting to look like David Crosby?

Posted by: McGehee at 7:22 AM on 16 August 2003

Let's hope he doesn't catch up in width.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:51 AM on 16 August 2003

Aaay, this does touch on California politics. Anyway, it's all an enjoyable read.

Here goes.

On the other side of the hyperlink below, you'll find a modest proposal for a survey to measure quite accurately the likelihood of President Bush's re-election

By rights, this missive has to start off with a small confession. Information about the proposed survey is buried within the article, whose hyperlink is found below. Nonethess, recipients shall, for the most part, enjoy the read that precedes and succeeds.

Your Friend A Alexander "Bogey" Stella considered the following article
interesting and wanted to send it to you.

''battleofthepoptarts'' O Corleone
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Posted by: A Alexander Stella at 3:23 PM on 22 August 2003

The preceding was edited slightly by me; removed were four lines of blank space and one defective URL.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:49 PM on 22 August 2003