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13 August 2003

Carnival XLVII

Acting on the reasonable assumption that if one Republican babe is good, two must be better, the women of Right We Are! have put their heads together and come up with this week's edition of Carnival of the Vanities, the best of the blogs in one fell swoop, the forty-seventh incarnation thereof since the Decree of Bigwig.

As always, it's a must.

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Unrelated, but have you noticed, that in response to a frivilous lawsuit filed by Fox news against Al Franken and his use of the phrase "Fair and Balanced" that a decent majority of lefty blogs have adopted the phrase in their titles and descriptions?

very funny...

oh, and Franken's book is now #1 on

Posted by: bruce at 2:35 PM on 13 August 2003

So what,
Liberal morons shop @ whoppee

Posted by: paulsmos at 2:45 PM on 13 August 2003

I think the best spin on the Faux (whoops!) News sloganeering is Scrappleface's:

"We report. You decipher."

Posted by: CGHill at 3:57 PM on 13 August 2003