The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

13 August 2003

If 9 was 6

Five thousand people turned out at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater to hear six of the nine Democratic presidential candidates (no-shows: Graham, Kerry, Sharpton) attempt to explain why it's necessary to replace George W. Bush with one of them.

On the hot-button issues, Edwards and Lieberman weren't willing to support same-sex marriages, and Braun said they were essentially identical to interracial marriages. Lieberman ventured the view that some of his colleagues wouldn't know a just war if it bit them. Kucinich wants the US to admit that it was a bad idea to invade Iraq. Dean said that he's actually balanced budgets before. But the Quote of the Day came from Gephardt:

"This president has only one idea in his head: tax cuts for the wealthiest, followed by tax cuts for the wealthiest followed by tax cuts for the wealthiest."

The Democratic primary is 3 February. Expect more of the same over the next six months.

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