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7 August 2003

He's just toying with them

One of the traditions at Frosty Troy's Oklahoma Observer is the Christmastime doll list, consisting of a series of oneliners along the lines of "The Carroll Fisher doll: wind it up and it carries drinks across town." Easy to do, harder to do funny.

JunkYardBlog has revisited this tradition with generally amusing results. The Al Gore doll? "[It] would probably be slightly more lifelike than he is, but would take five minutes to say a single sentence." Remind me not to buy batteries.

Posted at 8:50 PM to Political Science Fiction

I should have added the Hillary! Clinton doll. Its face is a removable mask, and when you take it off you see that she's actually Lenin in a dress.

Posted by: Bryan at 10:08 PM on 7 August 2003

(Must ... resist ... temptation ... oh, why the heck should I?)

The mask isn't much of an improvement anyway.

(Should have ... resisted ... temptation...)

Posted by: McGehee at 3:41 PM on 8 August 2003