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7 August 2003

And Fess Parker as Hal Rogers

A between-segments filler item on NPR's Morning Edition today reported the renaming of the Daniel Boone Parkway in Kentucky, which will now be the Hal Rogers Parkway. Susanna Cornett is just appalled:

The Parkway is in roughly the place where Boone and the settlers coming over the mountains would have traveled, and Boone is also an historic figure that evokes good thoughts about eastern Kentucky (at least in my mind). The Dan'l Boone Parkway is a very good name. The name Hal Rogers Parkway makes me feel like I'm about to lose my hat, purse, car and possibly house to the giant sucking sound coming out of Frankfort's Dept. of Transportation.

I rather doubt the new name will catch on with the residents. I've never driven the Daniel Boone, but I have driven the Cumberland, and truth be told, nothing about it reminded me even slightly about Louie B. Nunn. Kevin McGehee suggested that this practice should be restricted to dead politicians, which has a certain appeal, but it would definitely throw a spanner (lower-primate variety) into the efforts of some GOP Congressional types who would like to paste Ronald Reagan's name on everything between Bethesda and Alexandria, and frankly, I'm glad my uncle, who devoted his life to parks and recreation in Austin, Texas, got to see a new park with his name on it before he died in 2001.

Posted at 7:46 AM to Political Science Fiction

I didn't say until after their death, I said 10 years after they leave public service. So your uncle very well could have fallen into that. :)

Posted by: susanna at 7:51 AM on 7 August 2003

Actually, I attributed the posthumous-only thinking to McGehee, who commented to that effect on your original post.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:20 AM on 7 August 2003

Unless the Austin parks board is elected, your uncle wouldn't necessarily qualify as a live "politician." And although I have to admit that Reagan comes close to being an exception in my book, I think given the man's 92 we could probably have waited the necessary 25 or 30 more years before starting to put his name on stuff.

Not that I wouldn't savor flying into Reagan National if only it weren't in, you know, Washington, D.C....

Posted by: McGehee at 10:46 AM on 7 August 2003

Even appointed officials in Austin have to walk the political walk; it's like a sweatier, straighter San Francisco. :)

I'll stick to BWI, if only because Southwest flies there for cheap.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:54 AM on 7 August 2003