The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 August 2003

Chunky style

Someone called Cam Edwards on his radio show this morning with the following question:

Say you have a plain looking woman in her mid 40's, decades of experience, and a well qualified candidate for a job. You also have a 20-something with a big chest and little work experience who gets hired over the first woman.

The caller objected to this sort of thing, and Cam says he's not too fond of it either, but:

We have the right in this country to make bad hires. Companies like McDonald's and Jazzercise have a compelling interest in not putting 400 pound employees in front of the customers. Is it fair? Probably not. Is it morally wrong? Maybe so. I just don't know that it's not illegal, and it shouldn't be.

The alternative, of course, is some sort of governmental court that would pass judgment on every employment application, and I can't imagine anyone wanting that though it could be argued that we already have it.

My Index of Sphericity is on the high side, and I work in the back of 42nd and Treadmill; I doubt they'd care at this point if the customers saw me, but I don't think they ever would have hired me as a receptionist.

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