The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 July 2003

Razor burned

So we're gathered in the Hostility er, Hospitality Room, and one of the guys (not me) has gotten himself into a position where one pant leg is rolled up to about here, and one woman grumbles something to the effect that "Will you look at this? Doesn't even grow on him, and we have to fight with the razor every day. Is this fair?"

In an effort to create a diversion, I revealed my own sparse shin growth, thereby providing myself with an excuse to check out the collection of female gams on display, which ranged from not bad at all to jaw-droppingly incredible.

Of course, this complaint is far from uncommon. Meryl Yourish, who by all accounts has a fabulous set of stems herself, has gone so far as to call for genetic engineering; by proper tweakage of the human female genome, she hopes, women of the future will not have to contend with the tedious, occasionally painful, process of depilation. I, of course, endorse this plan, if only because I have to have something to live for.

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