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13 July 2003

Leveling the playing field

A proposal from Hooblog to take care of all that "gun violence":

Instead of asking your Congressmen, Senators and President to clutter-up the rule books with ineffective legislation, how about asking them to issue an M-16, two cases of ammo and two weeks of yearly firearms instruction to every American over 21 years of age. If that doesn't make the bad guys think twice, nothing will.

I'm not sure some of the bad guys can even think once, and I wasn't so great with an M-16 the last time they gave me one to use, but otherwise, this seems fairly sane, if a tad expensive. (Then again, for a government program, "a tad expensive" is probably a comparative bargain.)

"An armed society," said Robert A. Heinlein, "is a polite society." And we definitely could use an extra dollop of civility these days.

Posted at 9:32 PM to Political Science Fiction

Thanks for the link!

Posted by: hoo at 9:40 PM on 13 July 2003

Amen, brother!

Posted by: margi at 9:47 PM on 13 July 2003

give everybody an m-16 and we'll be just like Iraq, where one of the most heavily armed populations in the world lived under one of the most brutal regimes.

By this line of thinking we should give every country a nuclear missle program in the name of diplomacy, I mean if deterrance works on a local scale why not a global one?

Posted by: bruce at 6:57 PM on 15 July 2003

Are you sure it works on a global scale? I mean, yeah, we had all those Cold War years, but two bombs did get dropped.

Fortunately, we're the Good Guys. Really.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:07 PM on 15 July 2003