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12 July 2003

Looking out for #3

While Tony Blair attempts to sell world leaders on his concept of the Third Way, Wild at Bleeding Brain explains just what that Third Way really is:

What these towering intellects purport when they say "the third way" is that there is [1] a way on the right which is evil, [2] a way on the left which is unelectable and [3] right down the glinting middle of these errors is found the road to perpetual power "the third way".

Bill Clinton spoke at the Blair summit, warning of a "fourth way", which came across (to me, anyway) as the Bleeding Brain definition, verbatim, except with "right" and "left" swapped.

Now I'm fond of glinting middles, generally, but the rebranding of "liberal" as "progressive", declaring its opposite an instant pejorative, strikes me as a triumph of style over substance rather like the Third Way itself, come to think of it.

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