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9 July 2003

Those snotty Americans

Deb's 5 July Pride post got lots of plaudits, and a catcall or two from your friendly neighborhood multiculturalist. You know the type: it's the person who has been complaining for years that "we think we're better than everyone else." It's not so much that we're better, necessarily; it's just that everyone else is worse.

And it's not even slightly worse, either. From the very first comment, posted by visiting curmudgeon Francis W. Porretto:

[I]f we were to judge the folks who condemn American pride by the standards they'd like to hold us to, we'd decree them beneath all contempt.

No other nation in the history of the world has achieved as much, has learned as much, has extended itself for others' benefit as much, or has tried so very hard not to offend against the insane, irrational, tribal superstitions of others, no matter how richly they deserved it.

Europe: A dying continent, exhausted by centuries of war and consumed with beggar-thy-neighbor politics in which the aim of all the players appears to be who can snatch the last crust of bread from someone else's mouth.

Asia: Squalor to the tenth degree. Great teeming hellholes of starving humanity. Except for Taiwan, not a true democracy in sight, and not a single place where criticizing one's political masters is anything but extremely hazardous. Even Japan and South Korea are more like feudal baronies than modern republics, though at least their people eat regularly.

Russia: Formerly a kleptocracy run by thugs with a theory (Marxism), now a kleptocracy run by thugs without a clue.

The Muslim Middle East: Nuke it all. Now.

South America: Walled fortresses on hills, with armed guards walking the parapets, while peasants in rags scrabble in the dust below. The most popular political idea there is Peronist fascism. Only Chile has learned from its mistakes.

Africa: A continent-sized pool of blood and horror, where the average life expectancy is under fifty and the average income is under $200 per year. Where Muslims slaughter Christians and Jews without compunction, and blacks slaughter whites with equal readiness. Where helpless young women are sliced open with shards of glass, to prevent them from ever feeling sexual pleasure. Where deaths from traffic accidents are put down to AIDS, to milk a little more funding from naive charities in the United States.

Mexico: The only country in the world whose economy depends on illegal immigrants sending money back from America.

This is what has the unmitigated gall to criticize American pride.

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to nuke the entire Muslim Middle East we have friends in Turkey and a blossoming freedom movement in Iran, and I'd hate to see them turned into collateral damage when Allah's useless idiots get the fiery death they deserve but dammit, Peoples of the World, if you're tired of being treated like second-rate nations, you should first quit acting like third-rate nations.

(Thanks, Deb. You too, FWP.)

Posted at 7:20 PM to Political Science Fiction

Hah..I feel the same sense of frustration.

What is common to all the hellholes on Earth is that the common people or those regions are not trusted with the decisions that affect their lives and the common people often do not evoke confidence in their ability to make decisions that affect their lives.

America was uniquely positioned to force the notion of a self-governing people into existence.

When the pioneers cut out across the inhospitable prairies, each individual had to become profoundly self-sufficient in order to stay alive and as such, it was not possible for a philosophy of dependence to take root.

The continents described in the post did not have a block of fiercely independent pioneers to form the character of their nations and the result of this lack is the wall-to-wall neediness and squalor around the globe.

What puzzles me is that there was a time when independent self-sufficient people groups populated these continents.
What happened to that spirit? Some of it was washed down the drain by the delightful pleasures of communism along with other tidal scourges of humanity but I still cannot find a solid reason for such a large swath of the human population to be so utterly helpless.

When I see all the nations lining up for foreign aid, a question always fills my mind: “What would they have done had the U.S been as backwards and poverty ridden as themselves? The U.S could very easily have been that way had a different philosophical path been chosen in the past”.

Posted by: Bleeding Brain at 7:46 PM on 9 July 2003

The thing that gets me is the notion--widely accepted (it seems) by the "barking moonbats" on the multiculturalist, wealth-redistribution LEFT, that the U.S. "owes" the starving, back-asswards, incorrigibly corrupt, thoroughly incompetent portions of the world (read: sub-saharan African countries, and much, if not all, of the middle-east) our so-called "fair share" of aid money and other assistance because we are a "rich" nation. The idea (apparently) is that nations are supposed to give proportionately, all the time, whether their best interests are served or not, and whether the recipients in question are deserving of our generosity for other reasons.

I hate to sound cold, but the mere fact that "human beings" live in these countries does not entitle them to OUR MONEY. The assumption seems to be that our wealth is automatically a result of their suffering, which it is not--not by a long shot (especially in sub-saharan Africa). The further assumption seems to be that the rich nations must be punished for their accomplishments rather than admired, thus the disgust over our "pride" in being simply who we are (moderately competent, inventive and self-reliant).

Those who begrudge us our success, and demand that we share it with others allegedly "less fortunate" are not only grossly exaggerating the ease with which we achieved our "riches," they are grossly underestimating the potential and responsibility of the "less fortunate" nations whom they appear to assume are incapable of doing what we, in fact, have done!

So, tell me, who are the racists really? The nation that gives what it feels is truly deserved, or the nations that assuage their own guilt and perpetuate the notion that less successful are less capable by giving "their fair share?"

As for the muslim middle-east, I must point out that Iran is not part of that region--it is technically Persia, and not an Arab country at all. Turkey is more Central European/Central Asian than middle-eastern as well (again, in the Arab sense). I think what FP was probably referring to was the true middle-east--the Arab muslim population and their governments. As far as I can tell, these folks haven't contributed much to the advancement of civilization for some time now :-)

Now here it comes...the hate mail...I hope people will just remember that I make such a comment under the assumption that they could have done more, but have chosen not to in favor of killing and acting entitled and victimized!

Posted by: Deb at 9:14 PM on 9 July 2003

The blueprint for Doing It Right isn't some newly-discovered high-tech outline hidden in plain sight in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnalls' porch; it's a couple hundred years old and in the public domain. But no one seems interested, which adds to my frustration with those characters who whine that it's been weeks already and Iraq still doesn't look like Sausalito.

Somebody (P. J. O'Rourke?) wrote that were it not for oil, the entire output of all the Arab economies combined couldn't equal that of Finland. And what they do make, they seem to dribble away on luxuries like Semtex.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:29 PM on 9 July 2003

Well said CG! But try saying it at a cocktail party in Berkley or Cambridge, or in a classroom anywhere and you'll be branded a Buchanan-esque racist!

What I'd like to know is, when did we lose sight of the true meaning of "quality" and "merit?"

Perhaps it has something to do with the industrial way we educate people in this country--teaching them that they are ALL special and perfect, without ever asking them to really prove it.

Posted by: Deb at 9:27 AM on 10 July 2003

Two separate reactions to this.

First, I've always loved Randy Newman's song, Political Science.

Second, somewhere on the Internet is a great essay by Ralph Peters about the identifying traits of failed nations. Several of the remarks in the post help prove Peters' point.


Posted by: Fritz Schranck at 1:03 PM on 10 July 2003

I believe that this is the article to which Fritz is referring.

Posted by: Tobacco Road Fogey at 2:04 PM on 10 July 2003

Does it surprise anyone that I have the lyrics to "Political Science" tacked up on the wall?

"Let's drop the big one now...."

Posted by: CGHill at 3:59 PM on 10 July 2003

"Maybe we'll save Australia,
"Don't wanna hurt no kangaroo!"

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 6:07 PM on 10 July 2003