The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 June 2003

A tapestry of delight

So we got the workhorse printer serviced, and it was good, and a day and a half later the main circuit board failed. The tech managed to get us a new board in a day, which isn't at all bad, but once it was installed, we were still a long way away from getting any work done: not only did the EPROM have to be reflashed for some reason, it loses what brain it has when it's moved to another socket and there are eleventy-one absurd little settings that have to be tweaked for our graphics stuff to work, which said EPROM doesn't trouble itself to save at all.

Which wouldn't have been so bad in and of itself, inasmuch as it was 4:05 or so and the clock was running down, until Chatty Cathy decided to unleash a couple hours' worth of print (on some other printer, at least). Of course, she's not going to stay late and wait for it, but if it's not done when she comes by in the morning, she'll emit the sort of whine you usually associate with misaligned disc brakes.

For the record, it took an hour to reconfigure the wounded beast, during which I uttered a number of things which would upset, if not longshoremen in Long Beach, certainly convent girls in Philadelphia.

Tomorrow, it appears, will be worse.

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