The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 June 2003

And a fine day it was

How did Ravenwood spend the first day of summer?

He started up his "gas-guzzling, econobox-crushing SUV," kept the pedal to the metal lest precious fuelstuffs be burned too slowly, and slogged 60 miles to a gun show, where he bought a Romanian-built SAR-1, the sort of artifact that strikes fear into the hearts of the sort of people who worry about gas-guzzling, econobox-crushing SUVs and gun shows.

Then, of course, he slogged the 60 miles back home. Sounds like he had a whale of a good time, and said whale will presumably be rendered for oil at a later date. An auspicious beginning to the official Season of Fun, for sure.

Posted at 9:22 AM to Political Science Fiction

i find buying guns and SUV's about as rebellious as smoking...and racking up credit card debt.

ooooooooooo (waves arms in sarcastic gesture)

Posted by: bruce at 6:39 PM on 22 June 2003

Well, yeah, but look at the reaction it gets.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:54 PM on 22 June 2003