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19 June 2003

The parade begins

Joe Lieberman showed up in town yesterday, partly to announce the opening of his state campaign office, but mostly to get a jump on the 6,312 other Democratic Presidential candidates. (And with the move of the state primary to the third of February, time is presumably of the essence.)

And, oh yes, he had things to say, but they boiled down to a Juan Gato-esque "Zeeble bop fickle fackle bush Bush BUSH!" At this point in the campaign, you really can't expect much else.

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Sounds more like The Swedish Chef....

Posted by: Steve at 7:17 AM on 19 June 2003


wake me when Lieberman leaves the state...

Posted by: bruce at 10:57 PM on 19 June 2003

....and gag me when he returns to CT.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:09 PM on 20 June 2003