The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 June 2003

Doing a perfect 360

Dear Lynn:

Do you need 5¼-inch diskettes? Let me know. I have boxes of the darn things.

And a drive, should it be necessary.

Love and segment registers,


Posted at 11:20 AM to Outgoing Mail , PEBKAC

Oh come on! Did you read all of that paragraph? I was talking about the inner conflict between "wanting the new but at the same time hating the inconvenience and expense of constantly having to buy something new."

The one I really hated was having to replace a perfectly good printer because it got to be a huge hassle to get ribbons for it. Of course, NOW I'm glad I have a color printer even if the cartridges are too f___ing expensive but... you know...It's just constantly having to buy something new.

Posted by: Lynn S at 12:19 PM on 10 June 2003

Well, I'm perhaps less conflicted than some; I didn't take that drive out of service until 1998 (!), at which time it was probably as unrecognizable as spats, and no more useful.

My Betamax works, too. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:06 PM on 10 June 2003