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9 June 2003

The $80,000 question

Michele wonders about Andrew Sullivan's semiannual "pledge weeks":

I could entertain you as much as Sullivan can and for a far lot less in the wallet department. I have boobs, Andrew doesn't. I have personal stories about love, lust and drugs. Andrew doesn't. Andrew gets linked all the time by major media, so his blog is nice and professional. I never get linked by major media so I can be dirty and nasty and downright rude, making for much more fun content-wise.

I think Mr Sullivan is capable of rudeness, but he seems to resist it most of the time.

Still, if is worth 80 large twice a year, surely Michele deserves some huge sum in her own right, and she shouldn't have to bare her body to get it. (Not that I'll complain in the slightest should she decide to do so.)

Regular readers will note that I do not have a tip jar and do not plan to install one. There are three factors involved here:

  1. I have comparatively little traffic and generate no excess-bandwidth bills;
  2. Other bloggers have far greater needs than I;
  3. I'd be almost as embarrassed by receiving a gift as I would be by not receiving one.

And no, I don't have $80,000 in my PayPal account; at the moment, it's somewhere south of $80.

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