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8 June 2003

Hot-air production

A chap identified as "billder" at Indymedia warns us about the evils of weather control:

HAARP Antennae, which are arrayed across America in every city, as we speak, are powered up in a given region, transmitting directed energies. This is measurable. These antennae are also used for cellular communications, as well as surveillance. There are cams on most if not all of them there is a high probability surv cams are standard equipment on all the broadcast towers. Why not? Thats just a minor infraction when compared to the crimes committed daily against America with the invisible but highly effective RADIANT ARSENAL.

The HAARP Antennae are powered up, and are used to heat a portion of the atmosphere above the antennae farm, in particular the ionosphere. Research Bernard Eastlunds patents for more on that. That portion of the ionosphere then becomes refractive, and/or reflective, allowing Virtual Mirrors and Virtual Lenses to be used for steering and focusing of secondary and tertiary energies. The weather modification seems to take place by heating up a portion of the atmosphere, causing it to rise at a predictable rate.

The government, of course, asserts that HAARP is perfectly harmless. And what happens when these segments of the atmosphere are moved out of position, anyway? Here's what "billder" says:

The biggest problem with moving segments of the atmosphere upward is that huge doses of radiation are allowed to bathe the earth at chosen "Sites of concentration": relatively unscreened sunlight is allowed greater access to the earths surface, and that radiation can be very harmful to living tissue, as is evidenced in many places now. Also high heat can be made to happen this way, like over a lake, thereby dessicating an area as a means to further subject a population or cause hunger, the greatest coercion of all time, even powerful enough to usurp the second amendment, which has been the main goal of Americas Conquerors since day one.

Well, lakes can and do dry up, but we're talking a long-term process here; it's not like we're moving the earth a couple million miles closer to the sun. Although I suppose that's next on the agenda of the Evil Empire.

Oh, well. I only mentioned this for the Second Amendment reference, which is, shall we say, not exactly representative of the present-day left. Anyway, if you assemble enough local towers and tune them properly, you supposedly get a Broadcast Canopy, and what are they for?

Broadcast Canopys...are used to perpetuate things like through-wall radar, very long distance sound bugging of premises, computer monitoring from afar, and general invasions of privacy whenever the military CIA take-over shills-for-Israel decide it is necessary.

My advice: buy aluminum stocks. Foil for hat linings is apparently in greater demand than I imagined.

(Via Fark, which tabs this story UNLIKELY.)

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I hope Diana gets that hat back to me soon...

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