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8 June 2003

So unsporting of us

Condi Rice was on Face the Nation this morning, and Bob Schieffer, almost apologetically it seemed, brought up the question of "So where are Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?" Dr Rice was calm and collected as always, and she recited basically the same answer she'd given on Meet the Press an hour before, but you could read it in her face: "Oh, Christ, not this again."

Mark Steyn has an answer in the Telegraph:

Insofar as this is a serious argument, let's rebut it in terms the armchair accusers can understand: Liberty. Not the liberty George W Bush has brought to Iraq, which Eurosophisticates are so sniffy about, but the Liberty on Regent Street. I once ordered a sofa from Liberty and, as is the way, I had to wait till they made it. They didn't have the sofa itself, but they had sofa capability. That's what counts: capability, not inventory. It would obviously be easier to wait and pick the evidence of WMD out of the rubble of Birmingham, but for the Americans it is capability that's the determining criterion.

Which explains much about the objections to the war: why, we didn't give them the chance to build up their arsenals! It wasn't a level playing field at all! We didn't play fair!

Sheesh. Put a cork in it, fercryingoutloud. And not one of Sammy Sosa's, either.

Posted at 12:52 PM to Political Science Fiction

I guess I didnt quite follow what your comments were supposed to mean....

Are you saying you buy this crapola line of reasoning? That capability is justification? Simply knowing HOW to make a weapon is cause for invasion of a soveriegn country?

the article by Mark Steyn was "total bollocks" he says "I was in favour of whacking Saddam because the price of leaving him non-whacked was too high for America's broader interests." Its pure and simple power politics. The kind of which Europe has so desperately tried to get away from having suffered under its brutality for centuries. Can you blame them for resisting this? It threatens to undermine what they have been building for the last decade with the Euro zone and the European Union. I have no doubt in my mind that if the US had decided (we can only hope) to reinvest our own national resources into building a better society, moving away from military might as the arbitor of power we would resist a highly militarized Europe redefining the global rules of the game?

If I misuderstood, I apologize.

Posted by: bruce at 8:29 PM on 8 June 2003

It's not just knowing how. We know he has the will to use them; he gave us a demonstration in 1991 at the expense of the Kuwaitis. It would have made more sense, frankly, to have removed him then.

And much as I might like to see an arbiter of power other than military might, there are entirely too many people out there who simply cannot be reasoned with after all, $DEITY is on their side and if it comes down to conquer or capitulate, I'm definitely on the side of the oppressors. Peace is not the absence of war; peace is the absence of anyone even thinking about war. Anything else is an uneasy truce at best.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:26 PM on 8 June 2003

the best ways to moderate extremism is fairly evident.. a democratic secular society that values individual liberty and education, or in short hand: liberalism.

Threre's only so far you can bomb your way to that goal. After that you have to establish institutions that foster this society. So while the Bushies say they desire this goal in Iraq, they are working to undermine it in America.

Bombing Iraq but leaving a shattered society in its wake just leaves us back at square one.

Posted by: bruce at 12:28 PM on 9 June 2003

Granted, the Bush approach to domestic affairs leaves something to be desired, but Iraqi society has been on the far side of dysfunctional for some time now; whatever damage was done to the infrastructure pales beside the damage done to the country's mental health by decades of Baathism.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:29 PM on 9 June 2003

yes, iraqi society may be looking up while we may be looking down, I just hope we don't meet somewhere in the middle.

"American leader His Holiness Pat Robertson today anounced he is challenging Iraqi's leading muslim cleric and president to a Prayer-off to determine the dominant religion of the Earth. Barring a victory in the Prayer-off Robertson says God has given him the thumbs-up to send a consecrated Nuke to send the Heathens to the hereafter"

Posted by: bruce at 1:05 AM on 10 June 2003

Now that's what I call World Wrestling. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:18 AM on 10 June 2003