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31 May 2003

Where have all the weapons gone?

"So what about those Weapons of Mass Destruction, huh?" Kathleen Parker at Town Hall ponders the question, and thinks perhaps our expectations were too high:

[W]e might have been wiser never to entertain hopes of a smoking gun. We entered Iraq with Oz-like expectations, wide-eyed in search of a yellow-brick road lined with happy Iraqis pointing to the brightly colored arrows: "Weapons of Mass Destruction Here!" The WMD weren't likely to be neatly stacked and labeled in warehouses along Frontage Road.

Still, that's what it would have taken to persuade some of the more agitated antiwar crowd:

President Bush's opponents, it seems, won't be satisfied until Geraldo is standing astride 5,000 drums of liquid anthrax in front of a nuclear silo. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Change "astride" to "inside" and "5,000 drums" to "a drum", and I'll happily vouch for its loveliness.

(Via The Baseball Crank, who observes: "The conservative/pro-war side of the commentariat and the blogosphere has been disappointingly silent in dealing with the absence of findings of weapons of mass destruction.")

Posted at 9:17 PM to Political Science Fiction

One drum, 5000 drums, as long as it's "inside" does it really make a difference?

Posted by: timekeeper at 9:28 PM on 31 May 2003

I wouldn't want anyone to think I wanted Geraldo chopped up into five thousand pieces; it would make me sound like some kind of warmonger. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:40 PM on 31 May 2003

I heard one Iraqi on TV prior to the war stating that there were levels upon levels of underground facilities under Baghdad. I have not heard any news that such area has been thoroughly searched. However, the same Iraqi stated that there were buried barrels of some oily toxic agent ringing Baghdad that would stick to the tires of the Army vehicles that would be released and kill all Americans who crossed the line. Baghdad fell way too easily, in my opinion. There are a lot of unanswered questions about everything. No one has seen a lot of things they expected to see. Maybe they have not looked in all the right places.

Posted by: Tiger at 9:55 PM on 31 May 2003

Well, you can tell Baseball Crank (I won't bother) that the reason the "conservative/pro-war side of the blogosphere has been disappointingly silent" about this matter is because.... as far as I can tell they haven't. Unless he is talking about some other "conservative/pro-war" bloggers than I read. But geez, maybe they just got tired of saying the same thing over and over and getting back the equivalent of "Where is the big kaboom? There was supposed to be a big kaboom!"

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:30 PM on 31 May 2003

Given the Crank's stated positions, I suspect he counts himself among those who got tired of saying the same things over and over - or maybe he's just frustrated at having to deal with these scurrying Martians with brooms on their helmets. We'll see when he puts out the "long post" he threatened.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:19 AM on 1 June 2003