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31 May 2003

Cut thin to win

John Hudock at Common Sense and Wonder looks at the 2004 Federal budget, and sees places to economize (30 May, 8:48 am). A sampling:

Department of Energy: "useless, gone."

Department of Agriculture: "except for inspection services and some of the research programs, gone."

Department of Housing and Urban Development: "scandal ridden, useless, close it."

Department of Education: "worse than useless, I think it has actually worsened education, get rid of it."

Department of Commerce: "except for small business assistance which is probably an earner because of backend tax revenue from job creation and some regulatory administrative functions the rest is useless."

Department of Transportation: "completely useless, except for normal road maintenance programs which are mostly handled by the states anyway and FAA safety administration."

Department of Justice: "get rid of DEA, also BATF which can be merged with FBI."

Even HHS and Defense, which occasionally do useful things, could use some trimming.

Of course, hardly anyone believes the Republicans in power will shrink government by this much. (And no one believes the Democrats would shrink government under any circumstances.) Still, it's a good set of talking points, and those Congresspersons suffering from Deficit Inattention Disorder would do well to take them under advisement.

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