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29 May 2003

Tweedledum, Tweedledee settle

Last year, AOL Time Warner, corporate parent of What's Left of Netscape, filed a nuisance suit against Microsoft, complaining about the usual antitrust bushwa. Today, Bill Gates pulled $750 million out of Redmond's petty cash to shut them the hell up.

Oh, there are the usual pleasantries, including an extension of AOL's license to use Microsoft Internet Explorer in its online service, and an agreement to make MSN's and AOL's IM clients slightly less incompatible, but there's no sign of what I'd really like to see: a joint effort to crush RealPlayer once and for all.

Posted at 7:02 PM to PEBKAC

Hey, what I would really like to see is everyone making everything available for MX currently compatible with DOS5.0 or MS finally open sourcing their OS so that some real programmers could stabilize it so that it did not continually crash or corrupt. As long as we are dreaming ....

Posted by: Tiger at 9:55 PM on 29 May 2003

Dreaming... I wish they would make everything compatible with everything else. It ought to be a law. I'm usually against passing new laws for every little thing. I think we should get rid of a lot of laws, but think about it - what if you had to buy a different stereo for each label CD you had? A Sony stereo to play Sony discs, an RCA stereo to play RCA discs and so on. That's the situation we have with computers. I think we have about 4 or 5 different media players and still can't play absolutely everything. I downloaded the RealOne player, RealPlayer's latest version, which they say will play all media files. Well it does, sort of, but if you want to use it to play WMP files you still have to have WMP on your PC. Cute, huh?

Posted by: Lynn S at 9:31 AM on 30 May 2003

Late Forties. Two new record speeds to supplant the 78: 33 (and a third) rpm, devised by CBS, and 45 rpm, concocted by RCA. Multi-speed record players didn't appear in mass quantities until it became clear that neither CBS's LP nor RCA's 45 was going away any time soon.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:42 AM on 30 May 2003

Lynn, at least we don't have to have a separate RealNetworks computer to play RealMedia files on, but a separate Windows computer for the Windows Media files.

I think the fact we can play different formats on the same machine, using different software, is a good thing -- it's even better than the multi-speed turntables Chaz mentions, because you don't have to know when you're buying the hardware what kind of media files you are going to play on 'em.

I recently upgraded RealOne and it didn't take over all my media types. Maybe they're learning.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:35 PM on 30 May 2003