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26 May 2003

Early-summer harvest

A few choice bits of text found this evening, for your dancing and dining pleasure.

The Baseball Crank has figured out things in Paris and Berlin:

If you think about it, Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder are the Al D'Amato and Gray Davis of Europe. Chirac, like D'Amato, is a machine politician who's gotten away with being a little bit cheesy and a little bit sleazy by dint of boatloads of chutzpah and a talent for finding opponents who self-destruct in divisive battles with extremists and third-party candidates.

Schroeder, like Davis, is a hack with no redeeming virtues, neither liked nor respected even by his supporters; like Davis, his main skills are demonizing foreign opponents (Bush, Enron) and lying about the budget.

Jay Solo (26 May, 10:24 am) has some thoughts on the word "universal":

This is fine as a movie studio name. This is fine for suffrage and literacy.

When they start whipping out "universal" and pairing it with "healthcare," that gets scary.

Finally, Kevin Holtsberry says that Annika Sorenstam, despite not making the second-round cut, still scores on the positive side of the balance sheet:

[T]he Colonial got what it wanted: the sports world's attention for a few days. And they even did it without Tiger Woods, not a bad deal.

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