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26 May 2003

Now he tells us

This frightening little gem turned up at Tony Talks Tech:

Monday morning is the most likely time for a [corporate] website to crash. It's not because hackers like to get up early and start the workweek off with a few extra machines to take down, but because in-house IT staff come into the office with their groggy brains chock full of ideas they had over the weekend. They have a "weekend inspiration" and come in Monday morning and tinker...and the website goes down. The researchers say the best uptime days are during holidays like Christmas and New Years when the IT staff stays home. But then, "as soon as you see the developers logging on again, the trouble starts."

Hmmm. Monday is on a Tuesday this week, so let's see what happens.

Posted at 6:55 PM to PEBKAC

And for blogs it's on the weekends when traffic is low enough to allow a blogger to test out because all of those cool little scripts or template modifications she's been yearning to do. Most people get to sleep in on the weekends. Not me: I'm up extra early fixing my mistakes from the night before.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 9:31 PM on 27 May 2003

You fix your mistakes? How cool. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:29 AM on 28 May 2003

Thanks for the shout.

Posted by: Tony S. at 10:37 AM on 29 May 2003

We've had lots of uptime this week: sysadmin is on vacation and his boss is out with strep.

Of course, this dumps a lot of crap on my plate, but so what else is new?

Posted by: CGHill at 11:38 AM on 29 May 2003