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24 May 2003

Okay, stop, you've got enough

According to a team of former financial advisers, Michael Jackson is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Union Finance and Investment Corporation, a South Korean firm with Los Angeles offices, has filed suit against the erstwhile King of Pop, claiming unpaid bills of over $12 million. According to the suit, Jackson had engaged Union to help him untangle his messy finances; Union subsequently discovered that Jackson was down to about two months' worth of available funds.

(Keep in mind that two months' worth on the Jackson scale would probably get most of us regular folk who might wear tennis shoes or an occasional python boot through a couple of years.)

A Jackson family attorney said he doubted that Michael Jackson's situation was all that dire, though he did add the caveat that "I cannot say it for 100 percent sure because nobody knows his financial statements."

Trial date is set for the 18th of June.

(Update, 11:10 pm: Tiger wants to know why, if MJ were truly bankrupt, this action couldn't be handled in bankruptcy court.)

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