The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 May 2003

Not a brief commentary

Do you dare to wear...the Underwear of Love?

(Note: Typically for a Saturday morning, I am typing this while, um, unclad. Having read the above piece, I am now almost afraid to get dressed.)

Posted at 8:25 AM to Birthday Suitable , Rag Trade

That was hilarious.

Posted by: Steve at 8:21 PM on 24 May 2003

My husband's birthday's coming up... I wonder if they'd have the same effect on him?

Posted by: lyana at 10:39 PM on 24 May 2003

What do you have to lose? At worst, he won't wear them. That constitutes a loss on -his- part, neh?

Posted by: Steve at 4:31 AM on 25 May 2003