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23 May 2003

Cynthia McKinney, where are you?

Last we heard from her, she was giving the commencement speech at the Department of African Studies at the University of California, in which, among other things, she:

  • Manages to name-check Patrice Lumumba, Mario Savio, and Tupac Shakur's mother;
  • Repeats the discredited BBC story about how the Jessica Lynch rescue was "staged";
  • Tosses off a line about how "in spite of Florida, important provisions of the Voting Rights Act expire in 2007," hinting that black disenfranchisement is just around the corner (which it isn't);
  • Describes UC Berkeley as "America's campus".

How did Georgia ever put a moonbat like that into the House? Anyone? McGehee? Acidman? Bueller?

(Muchas gracias: Erin O'Connor.)

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Democratic gerrymandering. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:02 AM on 24 May 2003