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22 May 2003

The vinyl insult

David "Clubbeaux" Sims is collecting nominations for, as he puts it, "the Worst Song of the post-Beatles (inclusive) and pre-rap pop music era".

The number of truly wretched records from that period is seemingly just this side of infinite I had no trouble coming up with nineteen myself but surely there must be a consensus.

And no, it's not Terry Jacks' "Seasons in the Sun", if only because Rod McKuen's version (it's McKuen's English lyric, grafted onto a Jacques Brel melody) is about a hundred thousand times worse than Terry's.

Posted at 7:39 PM to Tongue and Groove

Your list of 19 contained 6 songs that I REALLY enjoy! What does this say about my musical taste!?!?! Although, in my opinion, Seasons in the Sun doesn't even come close to the Bee Gees: I Started the Joke (that started the whole world crying).
If you really want to hear horrible... have a listen to Heino (the albino). He is a sex symbol in Germany.

Posted by: Donna at 8:16 PM on 22 May 2003

My suggestions:

"Big Girls Don't Cry" (prepubescent vocals at their worst)

"442 Glenwood Avenue" (how bubblegum can you get)

"Hooked On A Feeling" (oogachaka oogachaka makemepuka makemepuka)

"Knock Three Times On the Ceiling If You Want Me" (a total loser of a song)

Posted by: Vickie at 8:41 PM on 22 May 2003

Be it noted that I paid actual cash money for at least half of those nineteen (plus all four of the ones derided by Vickie).

Posted by: CGHill at 8:43 PM on 22 May 2003

Oh, SURE. Now that you got me to post MY Top Loser Songs, I wake up this morning ooga-chaka'ing all throughout my shower, wailing how Hooked On A Feeling I am.

Next thing you know I'll be Knocking Three Times On Some Ceiling over on Glenwood Avenue, Crying the whole while.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:59 AM on 23 May 2003

Well, admittedly 442 Glenwood Avenue is a long way spiritually from, say, 1432 Franklin Pike Circle.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:59 AM on 23 May 2003

Nothing more than...

Posted by: McGehee at 11:25 AM on 23 May 2003

Anything by William Shatner
MacArthur Park

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 3:53 PM on 24 May 2003