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17 May 2003

Success story in the making

Bitter Hag, who's been mentioned in these pages before, is going to undertake something next month that would probably kill the likes of me: she's taking part in AIDS/Life Cycle 2, which is a seven-day bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

You heard me. San Francisco to Los Angeles. Five hundred eighty-five miles. Even when I was a mad cycling fool in my younger days, I never did 80-plus miles a day for a whole week. My tailbone hurts just thinking about it.

This being a charity event, she's lined up over $2500 in sponsorship money from readers of her journal. And barring complete and utter catastrophe say, San Andreas widening by a couple of miles, plunging Highway 1 into the Pacific there's not a chance in hell she'll let us down, either.

Good luck, BH. Enjoy that hot tub at the end of Day 7.

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You were once a cycling nut? Do tell! Oh, and if you ever decide to mount the wedgie-matic again, consider yourself invited on a ride with BQ and I!

Posted by: Joe Goodwin at 11:49 PM on 18 May 2003

When I was a student at UT Austin, I rode all over the place, including a fabled late-night ascent of Mount Bonnell, a story which still appalls family members living in the area.

I sold my bike when the Army came calling, but I bought another one once posted to permanent party, and saw rather a lot of central New England.

Nowadays I'd be surprised if I could even get on a bicycle.

SecraTerri has some good cycling tales on her site, a lot of which stem from her possibly-insane goal of 2002 miles in 2002. Check her archives.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:50 AM on 19 May 2003