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17 May 2003


So I looked at that number, blinked, and figured it must have been a punchline at some point or another:

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Business organization with strong ethnic ties seeks ambitious, loyal, profit-minded workers for mostly-permanent positions. Now hiring in New York, NY; Las Vegas, NV; almost anywhere in NJ. For information call 1-800-CRIMINAL.

But apparently it's for real, and belongs to this guy; it's not mentioned on his Web site, but it does appear in his ad on the back cover of one of our multitudinous local phone books.

It could be worse, I suppose. God forbid there should be, for instance, an anorexia support group at 1-877-2 GO BARF.

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Supposedly if you call 1-800-CRIMINAL, you get connected with this lawyer. attribution:[read more]

Just a minor point of contention. Anorexics do not barf, bulemics do the barfing. Anorexics do not eat, bulemics eat then puke up what they have eaten. Both are eating disorders. My wife died eight years ago from complications of a life-long battle with anorexia. I am not taking offense at your error, just pointing it out.

Posted by: Tiger at 1:03 PM on 17 May 2003

Never let it be said that I sacrificed a punchline for the sake of mere accuracy. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:08 PM on 17 May 2003