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16 May 2003

The Free Cam-paign

The next voice you hear belongs to Lisa S. of Boycott Hollywood:

Boycott Hollywood is running a small little grassroots campaign for Cam Edwards.

He's this conservative radio talk show guy from Oklahoma City. If you're local to OKC you can tune in and turn your ear to 1000 KTOK Oklahoma's 1st News.

I, personally, am not local to OKC so I've only heard Cam on the radio once.

Was I driving through Oklahoma and just happened to tune in? No. Does Cam secretly tape his daily radio show then convert them to MP3 format and email them to me everyday so I can listen in? No. Am I a super hero with super sonic hearing? No.

Cam was one of the first radio personalities to pick up on our William Morris debacle. Since this website opened [its] doors in February 2003, I have been contacted by Inside Edition, the Wall Street Journal and various other press organizations to do an interview. As a rule, in protection of my personal privacy I had been turning down the interviews. Until this William Morris thing blew up I was contacted by more news agencies than ever before! I gave two phone interviews at that time and turned the rest down.

Cam was persistent (almost stalkish) in getting my attention for a radio interview. So I went over to his website, reviewed his writings corresponded a bit via email and decided to give in, just this once and acquiesced to an interview.

Cam was my first. Since a girl always fondly remembers her first I'm taking a plea to the public here. Cam's show is a locally broadcast show on a Clear Channel radio station in OKC. Since I, personally, really want to be able to hear Cam's show and am, mostly, used to getting my way I'd like to send some emails of support to his boss. If we nicely ask for national syndication of his show and are as persistent with them as Cam was with me perhaps we can make a difference?

I mean why should OKC be the only ones who benefit from a nice, conservative talk show radio host whose thoughts, ideas and opinions fall in line (mostly) with the rest of us GOPers out here? What is so special about OKC? At the very least can we please get a web cast?

So here's some contact information for Cam's boss at KTOK and for Clear Channel. Tell them we are respectfully requesting that they FREE CAM from the confines of Oklahoma City and allow the rest of the nation to enjoy his show too! It's only fair!

P.O. Box 1000
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1000

Their office and studios are located at
50 Penn Place
Northwest Expressway & Pennsylvania Avenue
10th Floor
TALK LINES: (405) 840-1000 or *1000
NEWS HOTLINE: (405) 858-1438
FAX LINE: (405) 842-1315
BUSINESS LINE: (405) 840-5271
Randy Bush - Radio VP/Market Manager
Mike McCarville - Program Director
Brian Lloyd - Promotion Director

Clear Channel
200 Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: 1-210-822-2828

And, inasmuch as I happen to have a small soapbox to scream from:
Free Cam!

(Limit one Free Cam with regular purchase at participating locations. Tax not included.)

Posted at 5:29 PM to Overmodulation

Thanks CG. BTW, I'm completely tax free.

Posted by: Cam at 10:17 AM on 19 May 2003

Nothing left to tax, huh? :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:56 AM on 19 May 2003

Boycott the awards shows like the oscars and the golden globe since their as phonie and a 3 dollars bill just another phloniuos fake bunch of liars and play actors doing a lot of LETS PRETEND and getting awrds for it and BOYCOTT BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE AND MYSTIC RIVER

Posted by: Lonesome Loon at 8:51 PM on 5 February 2004