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16 May 2003

Torn between two storm cells

Actually, today's tornadoes seem to have missed me (again!), but apparently this crap is going to keep going for most of the night, so output from this outpost may be annoyingly sporadic for a while.

(Who was that who said it wasn't sporadic enough? Fie upon thee, and thy doggy little mange, too.)

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I've gathered up some blog (and bloggish) coverage of our recent tornadoes to share with you, dear reader, because I haven't been much of a writer lately. Some of it is very poignant: The Sheltons account of the life at......[read more]

Come on CG, May is the only exciting month to live in OK. We were on the road, about 5 miles from the first spotted wall cloud over Edmond this afternoon and it was . . . well, cool.

The other good thing about tornadoes is most everyone in this state knows what a wall cloud looks like and can spot the rotation. The entire state is like a non-professional National Weather Service. Also, we give the weather geeks something to do. Mrs. Fly Over saw a report that meterology students from Miss. State made a trip up to chase storms for the next two weeks.

Posted by: Chris at 4:31 PM on 16 May 2003

Y'all probably live in the only part of the world where the arrival of Jim Cantore is greeted with resignation rather than panic.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:39 PM on 16 May 2003

"What, you again?"

Yeah, that's about the size of it. Just once I'd like to see them fly Sharon Resultan or Jennifer Lopez out here.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:49 PM on 16 May 2003

I'm partial to Jeannetta Jones and I don't know why.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:07 AM on 17 May 2003

Is it just me, or does the Weather Channel have some sort of aphrodesiac effect on the Weather Babes? I mean, they've all been With Child at least once since I've been watching it.

(Jeannetta Jones???)

Posted by: Vickie at 10:42 AM on 17 May 2003

P.S. Don't complain about tornadoes. At least they're a sign of spring. It's May 17, and tonight I get to go out with all my sheets to cover up all the exposed gardens (AGAIN) as we are under a freeze warning.

Posted by: Vickie at 10:44 AM on 17 May 2003

Maybe that's the real reason Jim Cantore has to leave town so often.

"Oh, geez. Who is it this time? Lisa? Hey, Doc, find me some place with severe weather so I can hide out a couple of days, wouldja?"

Posted by: CGHill at 12:17 PM on 17 May 2003

Bill Cosby's theory, that it was Dr. John Hope seems either to have been disproven since he's passed away, or maybe (1) he set up a sperm bank, or (2) he designated a successor.

"To my great friend Mike Seidel, I leave..."

Posted by: McGehee at 12:54 PM on 17 May 2003

Jeannetta jones is the best weather person and she has so many different clothes everyday, i have been taping her since she started on the weather channel, she has done her hair over many times,she is a lovely woman and gets a lovely paycheck how sweet it is for them,

Posted by: roscoe at 1:55 PM on 24 July 2003