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15 May 2003

Attempted thievery

So why would eBay, which knows me perfectly well, from my user ID to my 123 positive feedback points not too shabby for someone who's never sold anything need to know my password?

Which is by way of introducing you to today's spam, which was a lame attempt to steal said password, titled "Security Check." (yes, with the period), and swiping eBay graphics in an attempt to look legit. Had I filled in the blanks as requested, this information would have been posted to a page at a domain called, ostensibly owned by one Michael Rafter of Denver.

I have, of course, notified eBay; I'm passing this on to the rest of you in case the culprit has a fistful of blogger names.

Posted at 5:38 PM to Scams and Spams

hmmm, if I get this I'll be sure to let him know my password is carolchanningsloveslave.

Posted by: cam at 8:06 PM on 15 May 2003

Just don't use it on all your logins; people start to catch on after a while.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:31 PM on 15 May 2003

I would have pegged Cam as more of a Charo kind of fellow. Who knew?

Posted by: Joe Goodwin at 11:28 PM on 15 May 2003

Ah... good scams never die. Back when I was on AOL some joker would chime in every once in a while on IM and ask me for my password/credit card to verify my account.

Posted by: -=e=- the merciless™ at 11:38 PM on 15 May 2003

The reason they never die, of course, is that occasionally someone falls for them.

I intend for that someone to be someone other than myself.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:59 AM on 16 May 2003

Erk. Mental image of Carol Channing wiggling and shrieking "Coochie coochie!"

The pain! The pain!

Posted by: McGehee at 12:37 PM on 16 May 2003

If I ever see such a thing, I'll Photoshop it over a background of OKC's Channing Square.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:52 PM on 16 May 2003

dang. I thought for sure I could weasel that password out of you. I wanted those 123 positive feedbacks bad. Guess I gotta come up with a new schtick.

I did get you on that Denver domain thing though. You'll never catch me...NEVER I say! MUUAAAHHHH!

Posted by: MarcL at 7:25 PM on 16 May 2003