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12 May 2003

Getting out of Dodge

I have complained before about the mixed signals in current Chrysler advertising, and, well, I'm about to do it again.

To plug stuff like the Pacifica (don't call it a wagon, and for gosh sakes, don't call it a minivan) "sports touring vehicle", the Auburn Hills boys have adopted one of those artsy black-and-white campaigns, which is fine with me, and for one page, which is captioned simply STYLE, they've photographed an utterly lovely right foot in a strappy sandal, which is even finer with me.

Until you look past her perfect pedicure and notice that she's got her foot on the brake.

And another pleasant daydream goes sixty to zero in seconds, um, flat.

Posted at 8:56 PM to Driver's Seat

LMAO I've not seen it, and probably wouldn't have noticed in the first place. I'll look for it now though!

Posted by: moogirl61 at 4:17 AM on 14 May 2003