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12 May 2003

Twits ahoy!

Stephen Joseph, identified in this piece as a public interest lawyer not even a hint of scare quotes has filed suit in Marin County Superior Court against Kraft Foods' Nabisco unit, claiming that its use of trans fats in Oreo makes them dangerous. The suit asks that Nabisco be barred from selling Oreos to California children.

Suggestion for tort reform: Should Mr Joseph lose this suit, he should be force-fed Crisco. Intravenously.

(Via Tongue Tied)

Posted at 2:12 PM to Worth a Fork

That guy's what I would call a trans-fathead.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:23 PM on 12 May 2003

Hey. No surprise from here. Two years ago we had a sixth grade girl come into our middle school highly allergic to peanuts and any peanut products. Sixth grade is about eleven years old, not eleven months old; i.e., she should be fairly aware of her own ability or inability to ingest peanut products. The school system's response after the parents clamored? No more peanut butter crackers can be sold in the lunch line to ANYONE. Damn friggin' parents go and screw with MY midmorning snacks, you KNOW you got one pissed-off teacher.

Posted by: vickie at 2:50 PM on 12 May 2003

And here I thought it was all the sugar in Oreos that made them dangerous to eat. I can gain 5 pounds just by looking at a bag.

Posted by: Tiger at 4:53 PM on 12 May 2003

Cookie fascist, what's next candy bars?

Posted by: alfredo stroessner at 7:01 PM on 14 May 2003