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9 May 2003

Déjà blew

Last night, KWTV worked up a creepy-looking map of the storm path, and superimposed upon it the path of the 1999 F5 storm. And what's most telling is that those paths were almost perfectly parallel for a good six, seven miles before crossing, the Storm of the Century veering northward (towards me) while last night's funnels kept to a more easterly route.

I suspect at least some of the people who rebuilt after 1999 are thinking now that they've had just about enough of this.

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This is something I've heard before too, and frankly it disturbs me. My house took a nearly direct hit last year from an F2 tornado. Fortunately there wasn't too much damage for me, but some of my neighbors had a lot of destruction. What bothers me is that there was another F2 that hit Xenia Ohio that same night, taking nearly the same path as the legendary F5 that hit them in 1974. So now I'm wondering if I might be sitting in some sort of "tornado alley". *shudder*

Posted by: Marc at 6:23 PM on 9 May 2003

Charles, here's a picture of the two paths, including the parallel track that they took.

On a slightly personal note, I read on the KWTV site that in Choctaw, the subdivision on the east side of Henney Road (just north of SE 15th) got whacked last night. I lived on the 2nd house on the WEST side of Henney Road. It's been about 18 years since I lived in that house, but really brought it "home" for me.

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