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8 May 2003

Boycott Hollywood is moving

The new URL is, and is expected to go live some time next week. (Allow the usual delays for DNS propagation.)

In case you're just coming up to speed on this matter, here's the last paragraph of the site's mission statement:

For all the Celebrity Pundits out there who use and abuse their status and wealth in order to get their point across in this country we are here to tell you that you do not speak for us. You are not OUR voice. And while we may not have the bankrolls that it requires to, for example, take out an advertisement in the Washington Post for $56K in order to make sure our beliefs, values and opinions are heard we do have heart, conviction and dedication to this cause, to our President and to our country.

I might add that the opinions of said Celebrity Pundits might carry more weight if there was something to back them up besides "Well, I just feel that way." Too often, there isn't.

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About BoycottHollywood
I would find the site more credible if they attacked all celebrities who voiced their opinions about the war...not just the ones voicing opinions AGAINST the war.

Posted by: Jillie at 12:00 AM on 11 May 2003

Well, nobody is saying that celebrities shouldn't have opinions, one way or another. The real question here, I think, is whether we should pay them any heed. And really, if, say, Tim Robbins had come out in favor of the war, his viewpoint wouldn't mean any more to me just because he happened to agree with me; I don't happen to think that Hollywood has anything worthwhile to contribute to this dialogue.

And if someone wants to put up a "Boycott Dustbury" site out there, that's fine with me too.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:55 PM on 11 May 2003

The site is up and running. It is alot faster as well. The letter from William Morris in support of Hollywood was pretty damning of the Hollywood Leftist Establishment due to it's heavy handedness. It backfired as LisaS received hundreds of donations and offers of pro-bono legal help. A new server took over and is working much better.

One of the best sites for people to sound off against the left. No one has tried to set up a Boycott Conservative site in response, I expected DU to jump on that forthwith.

Posted by: alfredo stroessner at 7:17 PM on 14 May 2003

All we have in hollywood these days is a bunch of spoiled pamperd maggots who are always firing off their pieholes about evil american but still manage to cheat hard working americans out of their money while pretending to be someone they will never be and when it comes to being patriotic they too busy being traitors

Posted by: Lonesome Loon at 7:46 PM on 14 January 2004