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8 May 2003

The secret of W.

Andrea Harris sees the Great Political Divide, not between the left and the right, or between the liberal and the conservative, but between the ideological and the practical.

I think. This is what she said:

[T]he ordinary folk that all the liberals are so busy trying to "help" and all the conservatives are eyeing with suspicion are actually doing the stuff that needs to be done. Neither ideological group likes the ordinary people very much, because they aren't really interested in the Important Things, like politics and ideology and arguing over same. (I think this is why many conservatives, and most liberals, hate George W. Bush. He's one of the ordinary, not-interested-in-your-philosophy, do-stuff people who somehow made good and got put in charge. That's not supposed to happen.)

W. really isn't what you'd call non-ideological, but he's clearly more interested in ends than in means, and if that means that ideology has to take a back seat for the time being, so be it. No wonder there's so much background rumbling amid the Republican base. And the left continues to be upset with W.'s general unwillingness to take its advice. Given the quality of that advice in recent years, it's hard to blame him for blowing them off.

Posted at 7:40 AM to Political Science Fiction

My friends tell me I classify as a extremley far right person but I am still generally happy with Bush's performance. I don't think it is possible to heartily agree 100% of the time with anyone. I understand that politics is often the art of the possible and I also believe in gradualism. A slow right shift in the country,s political thinking is preferable to the Right getting everything it wants today and losing it in the inevitable backlash tommorrow.

Posted by: Rich Arnone at 8:13 AM on 8 May 2003

You said it, Rich.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 2:53 PM on 8 May 2003

What gets me is so many people on the left literally HATE President Bush. Also, some of my right wing friends parrot Buchanan against him as well. Most of their statements cannot be distinguished with the exception of the left using more profanity and the right using more semantics.

Posted by: alfredo stroessner at 7:20 PM on 14 May 2003