The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

8 May 2003

Big Elm Tree update

A couple of months ago, I reported on the Big Elm Tree out front, which seemed to be in dire condition:

A winter ice storm broke away one of the three major limbs, and while everything else is gradually going green well, except the cottonwood trees along 42nd, which are already sprouting Q-tips this tree is still barren, its branches grey, almost black in the March rain.

There has been very little rain since then we're running at about 50 percent of normal so far this year but the tree seems to be flourishing. About ten, maybe fifteen percent of its branches are still bare and will probably remain so, but for the most part, it's green and growing, however weirdly-shaped and asymmetrical it's become.

Living out here on the Lone Prairie evidently builds up one's stamina.

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