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7 May 2003

Democracy, octane, wildflowers

Dr. Bud E. Bryan, Road Kill columnist for, offers this reminder:

Leave the "fly-over" mentality at home where it belongs and savor this country from the road. It's an incredibly diverse and vast stretch of land with characteristics you don't get to see from sitting in your living room watching The Travel Channel. Stop at the historical markers, the monuments and the sights. Read about what happened before you got there. Get off the interstate and see what's happening in the rest of America. And just drive. After a while, it will dawn on you that we're all pretty fortunate to have ended up here in this land. Free to move about. Free to drink it all in. Free to roam around on our own. Free to just be. And you'll be thankful that somehow, someway, we've managed to keep it together here as a nation for over 225 years. Do it when you're young. And then do it again later. It never gets old.

I can hardly wait.

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I can hardly wait myself.

Posted by: UTurn at 11:17 AM on 7 May 2003

me either. I'm going on an extended road trip with my brother later this summer. Again. the last one was 10 years ago. I love driving this country.

Posted by: Marc at 6:44 PM on 7 May 2003

A man after my own heart. My dream is to take a road trip across the entired US, visiting all fifty states. Then I'll drive up to Alaska.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:42 AM on 8 May 2003

Er, Andrea, it's going to be more than a little difficult to take a road trip across the US and visit all fifty states (it's rather hard to drive to Hawaii), and -then- visit Alaska.

50 + 1 = 51?

Posted by: Steve at 5:52 PM on 8 May 2003