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7 May 2003

Hug a teacher today

And if you're still in a good mood, go read this denunciation of the Ed Biz by Cam Edwards.

The money quote:

The NEA...supports things like abortion rights, homosexual / bisexual / transgendered rights, gun control, socialized medicine, and reparations to Native Americans. Now I don't care if you're for or against these things. The question I have is why do teachers unions need to take a public stand on things like this? Do my kids get an education or an indoctrination at school?

Is the NEA technically a union? Teachers in the Oklahoma City district are represented by AFT for collective bargaining. The NEA, as I understand it, fancies itself more of a "professional association," along the lines of the AMA. Still, its influence is considerable, and not always salutary.

Update, 11:45 am: See Comments. The NEA may not be the union around here, but it's clearly somebody's union. (Thanks, Cam.)

Posted at 6:05 AM to Almost Yogurt

Oh no.. make no mistake about it, the NEA is a union, right along with the AFT. It didn't use to be, but back in the 60's it got into collective bargaining and is now the nation's largest school employee labor union with over 2,000,000 members.

Posted by: Cam at 10:45 AM on 7 May 2003

NEA even started talking up its "new unionism" (as opposed to its "old unionism" of previous ages?) in the last several years. A great resource for all things NEA (and AFT), look here.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 10:56 AM on 7 May 2003