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6 May 2003

I give it a 62

I just can't take any more of Oliver Beene.

I mean, I'm sure there's a place for a TV series that combines the worst of Malcolm in the Middle and The Wonder Years, and most assuredly that place is Fox, but geez, this thing is strained, and not just because half the stars are named Grant.

The last straw was this week, when one scene called for worse disarray than usual on the floor, what with Oliver being dragged across it and all, and just above the center of the shot was a lovely Atlantic 45-rpm record.

With a farging bar code on the right side of the label.

Yes, I know period pieces are prone to anachronism I could swear I saw Paul Pfeiffer in Wonder Years doing the infamous Marv Albert Yes! but dammit, there are some things even I won't forgive. Not even the presence of implausible hottie Wendy Makkena, last seen (by me, anyway) in Sister Act as the wimpiest nun ever to wear the wimple, can save this show.

(Dear Vickie: Is this obscure enough for you?)

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Don't interrupt me. I'm still getting through the copyright pages of my son's copies of Mad.

Posted by: Vickie at 4:45 AM on 7 May 2003