The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

5 May 2003

Tri-weekly in months ending in R

The magazine formerly known as Movieline, which is now passing itself off as Movieline's Hollywood Life, has gone to a larger-sized page format and has restarted its internal counter at Volume I, Number 1, but the really weird change is in the publishing schedule, which now reads like this:

published monthly except bi-monthly March/April, May/June, July/August, December/January

By comparison, here is the same sort of passage from Mad, Volume I, Number 334 founder William M. Gaines once said, "We'll never have a Volume 2," and he meant it March/April 1995:

published monthly except bi-monthly for January/February, March/April, July/August and October/November

Before Gaines' death, they made no claim to "bi-monthly" anything; Number 105, September 1966, says this:

published monthly except February, May, August and November

All this neatly obscures the fact that Mad actually came out on a regular schedule: every forty-five days. And the dates were chosen, reported Frank Jacobs in his biography of Gaines, to insure that no issue was ever actually on sale at newsstands during the month printed on its cover.

Of course, Gaines is gone, Mad is now taking ads and is coming out on a regular monthly cycle, but I've gotta wonder: Has Anne Volokh of MHL been influenced by The Usual Gang of Idiots?

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