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3 May 2003

Still looking for Jenny

Someone wandered in here last night searching for the area code for 867-5309, proving that even putative one-hit wonders like Tommy Tutone (who actually charted three records) last forever.

In fact, I think 867-5309 may ultimately supplant those "555" numbers in TV and movies that don't fool anyone. Check out this T-Mobile Roaming FAQ item (scroll to the bottom of item #8), or Call Forwarding on this GSM Features page.

Posted at 11:38 AM to Almost Yogurt

T-mobile is running TV ads in the Philly market featuring a customer who wishes to retain her "famous" number while switching carriers; the tune runs in the background. Maybe its Cingular. Anyway, I once knew someone whose last four digits were the current year. (Oy, it was back in 1992.) Her family changed the number because they got so many prank calls, so I can't imagine anyone would want such a "famous" number.

Posted by: Bill Jefferson at 6:44 PM on 15 January 2004