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3 May 2003

We're not dead yet

With the wrath of the mighty Entertainment Industry arrayed against it, you'd think that Boycott Hollywood might have quietly disappeared into the night by now.

It hasn't happened. As Lisa S. notes:

[A]bout 8pm [Thursday] night, I was, all of the sudden, able to download my email and the site started loading for me - with no slow load issues that I had experienced earlier in the day. I was also able to update my information at Dotster - - whereas earlier in the day, yesterday, my ability to update information there was 'suspended'.

Contact from Dotster with an explanation of what the hell is going on would be a nice thing. But, no word as of yet. I'm not sure what this means - - if the site stays up? Or if it's still scheduled to be taken down? I wish I knew - - however, for now, it seems, we are still here so I just wanted to fire off a note of thank you to everyone who has been supporting this site over this whole William Morris fiasco (oh, I haven't heard from them either).

Meanwhile, back at the agency, it might have gone something like this:

"You sicced the lawyers on them?"

"Absolutely. It's what we pay them for."

"You freaking feeb! Don't you realize that every goddamn blog from here to Latvia is gonna rake our asses over the coals for this? And if the blogs are doing it, sooner or later the real media are gonna jump us."

"We can take it."

"Like hell we can. It's gonna read like this: 'The William Morris Agency, which represents entertainment giants like ' and that's it, because everyone they list as a client is gonna fire us and go sign with someone else who isn't in the newspaper."

"We'll sue."

"Get over it. We're toast. Jim Wiatt is gonna come downstairs, and he's gonna say, 'The William Morris Agency has a solid, unblemished reputation going back over a hundred years. And we're going to keep it that way.' And next week you and I will be working at goddamn Fatburger."

Hollywood: home of the happy ending. We hope.

Posted at 8:30 AM to Blogorrhea

Not to mention that shutting down a blog that talks about celebrities, whatever its participants say about them, is like shutting off free advertizing for those celebs. Who was even thinking about Tim Robbins et al before they started pissing people off?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:52 AM on 3 May 2003

Even bad buzz is still buzz, I guess.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:23 AM on 3 May 2003

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that Miss Lisa S. will be coming on the show Monday morning @ 7:15 to talk about this whole mess.

Posted by: Cam at 6:15 PM on 3 May 2003

Chaz, how do you know about Fatburger? They aren't anywhere in OK.

One of the things I miss about San Diego is the Fatburger right next to Horton Plaza. It was precisely 14 blocks from my studio, downhill all the way. Fatburger is almost as good as Carl's Jr.

Posted by: timekeeper at 6:52 PM on 3 May 2003

I'd like to say it's my unerring grasp of popular culture, but actually it's because I lived briefly in L.A., and, well, some things stick with you.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:58 PM on 3 May 2003

"Fatburger is almost as good as Carl's Jr."

That is a claim that would almost make me want to go to SoCal to check 'em out.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 8:33 AM on 4 May 2003


Hardee's is owned by Carl's Jr, and there are two in Newnan. I'm nost sure if the menus are the same, but try the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger (aka the heartstopper); it's goooooood.

Posted by: Ron at 12:02 PM on 4 May 2003

I won't go to Carl's simply because of the tasteless commercials they've used. Anyone that advocates open-mouth chewing, then recording and replaying the noise -should- be boycotted.

Posted by: Steve at 9:35 PM on 4 May 2003

Ron, you have named the Carl's Jr. burger that holds a spot for all time in my heart (and according to the anti-meat lobby, my colon).

The two chains have always had very different menus, at least until recently. The new Hardee's menu focuses on "thickburgers" made from 100% Angus beef. I've only been once since the new menu, but I did like the burger I had.

Only trouble is, it being Hardee's they still use way too much (read: any) mayonnaise.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 9:03 AM on 5 May 2003

I misunderstood your comment; I thought you were talking about CJ's.

Too bad about Hardee's having a menu different from Carl's Jr; there is a Hardee's not far from where my mother lives, and I was thinking about going there the next time I went home. Looks like I'll have to hold out for Chick-fil-A instead. (yum)

And I agree, any mayo is too much. Same for lettuce and tomato. Mustard is a requirement, which a lot of places forget to add.

Posted by: Ron at 7:58 PM on 5 May 2003