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3 May 2003

Never mind the termites

If you're selling a house in Oklahoma, you have to fill out a fairly-detailed disclosure form [link requires Adobe Acrobat Reader] which is supposed to reveal everything from non-functional appliances to radon gas.

One of the environmental questions seems uniquely Oklahoman: "Are you aware of existence of hazardous or regulated materials and other conditions having an environmental impact, including, but not limited to, residue from drug manufacturing?"

Not specific enough? Under a new bill, passed without opposition by the Legislature and allowed to become law without the Governor's signature, the next version of the disclosure form will be required to state whether the property has been used as a meth lab.

Next year, I expect a measure which, when I trade in my car, will require me to attest to the highest speed at which at it has been driven (101 mph) and the number of people shot by the driver or by passengers therein (none).

Posted at 7:59 AM to Soonerland

By a coincidence, my car is also at the 101 mph/0 shootings datapoint. Who needs blogchalking?

Posted by: Max Power at 8:25 AM on 4 May 2003

In my part of town, the chalking we get tends to be body outlines.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:35 AM on 4 May 2003