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2 May 2003

Not a puff piece

Baseball Crank associate The Mad Hibernian has, shall we say, mixed emotions regarding Nurse Bloomberg's antismoking decree. On the plus side:

[T]here is something nice about coming home from a bar without feeling like you have to delouse.

There are, however, consequences:

I was down at the aptly-named Village Idiot in Manhattan last Friday and, before long, a few of us found ourselves commenting on the mysterious, godawful smell inside. It took us awhile to realize that, lo and behold, that's how the bar actually smells and probably how it had always smelled, but we had never noticed before due to the ever-present haze and smoke which had always hovered inside the place.

Advantage: smokers. Which is worse: a bar that smells like Camels, or a bar that smells like camels?

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