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2 May 2003

Four songs per second

No, it's not the sequel to Moby's 1000-beats-per-minute "Thousand"; it's the approximate sales volume at Apple's Music Store, which moved some 275,000 tracks in its first 18 hours of operation.

The Register notes that two labels have signed up for the eventual Windows version of the Apple store, and wonders about it:

We'd have thought Apple would have built such a licence into its agreement with the labels from the word go, but maybe that's not the case.

As would I. Is there some reason other than sheer volume why the music industry should fear Windows users more than they fear Macintosh users?

Posted at 7:42 AM to PEBKAC , Tongue and Groove

Of course Windows users should be feared. After all, we are all violent, money-grubbing, evil capitalist bastards, aren't we?

Posted by: Steve Gigl at 3:21 PM on 2 May 2003

I've never thought of myself as money-grubbing.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:08 PM on 2 May 2003

If I were to be termed as money-grubbing, I would think that I'd be much more proficient at it.

Posted by: Steve at 7:47 PM on 2 May 2003

It's all in the attitude. You must embrace and unleash your inner money-grubber.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 9:17 PM on 2 May 2003